pNeo has been around for close to 10 years, and in that time have specialized into a niche where we combine all of our best strengths into our core business. Think of us as the TV shows Shark Tank, The Profit, Dragons’ Den… and a whole lot more all rolled into one; who started long before these shows became popular.

We understand you have poured all of your spare waking hours and significant amounts of money into your business, so the biggest part of what we aim to do in taking on the day-to-day Operations is to give you your life back so you can spend time with your Family and friends again.

pNeo gives you a Promotion. Instead of being the person trying to do 100 things, you become a Member of the Board on your Company, allowing you to take a big picture view, to focus on Strategic Development.

pNeo prides itself on being an incubator company that finds unique, innovative products and ideas, and grows them into recognized, valued brands that consumers demand.

When partnering with pNeo, you benefit from the breadth and depth of our business expertise, and we work with you to accomplish the outcomes you desire. We are far more than just a few sales reps selling your product. Our understanding of the market means that we help you to evaluate all aspects of your brand – the product and packaging, sales and marketing strategy, and product development. We then pair this expertise with our infrastructure, enabling us to grow your brand to its full potential.

We have long-standing, well-established relationships with large and small retailers alike, which is what you need for your brand to succeed.

You benefit from the strong behind-the-scenes team that we have built and nurtured over the years.  We are large enough to deliver you comprehensive services, but small enough to be agile and respond to the fast-paced business environment that we now all operate in.

Our Customer Service Team manage both business and consumer inquires, and work closely with our Engineers and Technicians, who not only care for your warranty returns and troubleshooting issues, but also sit on a number of advisory boards.

Begin your profitable partnership with pNeo by giving us a call at 877-737-9177 or send us an email to

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